Ed Hooks Acting for Animators

The Illusion of Life and Acting

In an interesting Slate.com article  (“How Does a Pixar Film Get Made”, March 18, 2015), long-time Pixar layout artist Craig Good provides the studio’s definition of animation like this: Bringing a character to life is an essential first step for performance animation, but Pixar’s definition of animation does not come close to describing how acting […]

Human Anatomy for Animators - drawings by kimsuyeong

Anatomy For Animators 01 – The Human Skeleton and Muscles

Most of us are taught anatomy in at least one class in school (mostly before the frog dissection). Out comes the plastic skeleton on his rickety little trolley base, grinning from ear to ear. But we never really truly remember (or use) the information. We never understand the true nature of basic human anatomy when we sit down to animate. Animators tend […]

Human Anatomy for Animators - drawings by kimsuyeong

Anatomy For Animators 02 – Anatomical Movement

The body is interesting, even in a resting state, as the body doesn’t ever truly stop. There are always subtle movements: shifts of weight, breathing, the unconscious balancing act, conscious feedback of where our limbs are at any given moment, blinking, and thought. What about movement and locomotion? In order to move, the body has to go from a rested […]

The Making of Cursed, a Juba Polati Animation Tutorial

The Making of Cursed – Animation Workflow Tutorial

Hello there, my name is Juba Polati and I am the animator who created “Cursed” – that short film where a bunch of stuff happens in Maya, yes the one with the T-Rex. If by any chance you haven’t seen it, I would love for you to watch it, it will make things a lot […]

How to Animate Complex Character Interaction

“So how do you handle a scene with two or more characters interacting? Specifically, how would you handle physical fighting or wrestling?” Foundation Structure Details Polish Lets look at these and how they specifically apply to complex character interactions. Before you ever start posing or setting keys, you must have a solid plan. You will […]

Giving Your Characters the Illusion of Life

hat is it that gives an animation the Illusion of Life? You could say it’s the pose, because the pose can tell you what the character is feeling. You could also say it is the timing, because you can set the mood of your character through the timing. And yet, when you watch great animation […]