How To Succeed In Animation Industry.

Having a dream job and a great career in a creative industry is a dream to many. Working in the animation industry is not only fun but also gives the opportunity to scale your career and telling your kids stories that you worked on this movie project etc. But, Do you also know what it takes to succeed in the Animation industry?.

Uses Of Animation

Well, These are a few points which can help junior animators and people who are just starting their careers in the animation industry to understand what it takes to move up in the animation industry. So let’s start,

Observe, Observe and Observe.

As an animator observing becomes one of the important parts of the lives of an animator. Observing people like how they sit, how they stand, how they jump, walk, exercise etc are just a few. Make sure not to stare them but instead focusing on what they are thinking while doing that action.

Watching their movements and practicing those actions in the sketchbook is the best way to learn animation. Watching surroundings, going to railway stations, malls, parks, and zoo. These are just a few ways to improve visualizing and can form a strong base in learning animation.

First Animated Film was created a long time back without any high-end software like Maya or 3DS Max. That becomes a reality because of the strong visualization of animators from that time. So, visualization plays a big role in animation.

Following other people’s work from other websites, books and references also help a lot.

Attend Events And Form Networking.

Attending Animation events from all over the world is a great way to form networking because that is a place where you meet real people working in the industry. For example, Meeting great industry people and senior animators from different countries on International Animation Day  organised by Asifa can be a life changing experience for you.

International Animation Day

Stand Out And Be An Awesome Storyteller.

The job of an animator is to entertain the audience and their attention can be grabbed by telling them a wonderful story. Becoming a good storyteller will not only give the audience the ability to feel the character and story but also opens new doors for growth in direction for animators.

Have An Awesome Portfolio. (Present Your Showreel In High Render)

Having an amazing showreel which showcasing strong skills of acting and body mechanics is what studios are looking for. Make sure you have your portfolio in High Resolution.

Avoid Overcomplicating Your Shots.

A very big mistake many newbies do is they try to add too many variations of emotions and expressions in just a single shot which results in over animating. Focussing too much on overdoing everything can result in bad results. So avoid it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Relocate.

Animation is used in a lot of industries and therefore bring opportunities to visit many countries and work on exciting and cool International projects. Opportunities for working in the US, Canada, France, India, and a lot more countries open once you have a strong reputation and presence in the industry.

Learn The Principles Of Animation.

Learning principles of animation and applying them one by one in your small exercises like the bouncing ball exercise is the very first step to learn animation. Also Slowly moving to complex exercises will give the confidence to jump into more complex shots and help build a portfolio.

Final Words:

So These are just a few tips to learn animation. I hope this article was helpful to you. Just grab your pencil and sketchbook and start drawing or even start creating rough sketches or stick drawings. Those stick drawings will improve with time and that will create a difference in your animation journey.

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