3D Character Animation Training Is Part Of The Job

Animation Training Is Part Of The Job

John Lasseter Photo: Marco del Grande

Animation Training isn’t something we often think about. Yet without regular practice and training, your animation skills will only degenerate. This training should come whether you are working as an animator or not.

I remember when I first learned that I got my job at Disney: I was ecstatic! I finally made it. I got a job at THE animation studio in the entire animation industry! As far as I was concerned, everyone who ever made an impact in animation had come through the doors of the Disney Animation Studio:

So part of me thought:
“Now that I’m a Disney animator, the hard part is over.”

Boy was I wrong!

I remember attending a lecture held for anyone who had been with the studio for less than 12 months. The “motivational” speech went something like this:
“You’re here because you’re the best artist in your family. You were probably the best artist in your high school, and maybe you were even the best artist in your University. But here you’re nothing. Here you start at zero. Everyone here was the best, and now you’re just one of the best, so don’t expect to stand out unless you’re truly exceptional.”

Suddenly it hit me: Getting my dream job was only the beginning!

  • Getting Your Dream Job

  • Is Only The Start

  • You Must Train

  • To Maintain

  • You Never Graduate!