How to Animate Complex Character Interaction

“So how do you handle a scene with two or more characters interacting? Specifically, how would you handle physical fighting or wrestling?” Foundation Structure Details Polish Lets look at these and how they specifically apply to complex character interactions. Before you ever start posing or setting keys, you must have a solid plan. You will […]

Should I Use IK or FK?

Really, these days this question is almost obsolete. No matter what program you use for animation, it most likely has a switchable IK/FK solution. Personally, I wouldn’t animate and character without one anymore. B) It’s important to understand what is happening to your characters joints at all times, though. The problem with IK is that […]

Giving Your Characters the Illusion of Life

What is it that gives an animation the Illusion of Life? You could say it’s the pose, because the pose can tell you what the character is feeling. You could also say it is the timing, because you can set the mood of your character through the timing. And yet, when you watch great animation […]