Dancing, Hip-Hop Dancing

If you’re looking for last weeks Lip-Sync tutorial, go HERE, or use the navigation in the panel to the left. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was not able to film myself describing this weeks tutorial. I do, however, have LOTS of video reference of our subject! Boy, this weeks tutorial is a tough one […]

How to make Lip Sync Animation Easy

How to make Lip Sync and Facial Animation Easy

In this weeks video tutorial I explain an amazing method to speed up your lip sync and facial animation. I show you how I produced the above animation from start to finish in only 36 minutes. First, watch this video as I explain How to make Lip Sync and Facial Animation Easy: A lot of […]

Animation Hell – How you can avoid it (or escape)

We’ve all pulled an ‘all nighter’ at least once in our lives, but is this a wise career move for our animation? How does over working ourselves, especially in animation, affect us long term? Here is the video where I explain the effects of over animating in detail , and also some guidelines to help […]