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Vote For New Animation Tutorials and Classes!

We are working on new animation courses and content for the community, and we want to know your thoughts! Our first tutorial will be a step-by-step method for easily creating facial animation and lip sync (this will be a more in-depth tutorial than this current one of lip sync). But what software should we target? Maya […]

How does Disney animation create such realistic images?

Have you enjoyed the beautiful imagery from Disney’s new animated films like Big Hero 6, Frozen, or Tangled? What makes them look so realistic and beautiful? Unlike in traditional animation, where each frame is hand-drawn and painted, today’s CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Animation is actually based on the physics of light, while still being controlled and […]

Should I Use IK or FK?

Really, these days this question is almost obsolete. No matter what program you use for animation, it most likely has a switchable IK/FK solution. Personally, I wouldn’t animate and character without one anymore. B) It’s important to understand what is happening to your characters joints at all times, though. The problem with IK is that […]

Dancing, Hip-Hop Dancing

If you’re looking for last weeks Lip-Sync tutorial, go HERE, or use the navigation in the panel to the left. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was not able to film myself describing this weeks tutorial. I do, however, have LOTS of video reference of our subject! Boy, this weeks tutorial is a tough one […]