You’ve heard people say “use it or lose it”
but did you realize that also applies to your animation?

Just as any athlete would train for his sport, we as animators need to train for our art. This training is not done in large leaps or big projects. They are simple, seemingly repetitive exercises done on a regular basis.

Guardian Training Program is an animation training course that has been designed by a 20 year animation veteran.

Every day for the next 3 months, you will be emailed a short 5-15 minute exercise to be done each day.

Every exercise is based on and increases your grasp of the 12 Principles of Animation. At the same time they rotate between your various Capacities and cycle them between nutrition (education), stress, and rest.

This system is a complete training program to progressively increase both your animation Ability and your animation Capacity.

This is NOT a magic pill. No progress comes without dedication. This program is firm, expert guidance. This program requires hard work and effort on YOUR part.

If you follow these exercises and do them every day for the next 3 months, we guarantee you will see drastic improvements in your animation ability and capacity! Not to mention an overall feeling of confidence.

I’m offering the entire Guardian Animation Training Program to anyone who is willing to donate to the maintenance of this animation community.

That’s right. You get the entire 3 month program just for making a donation!

“Transform Your Animation Career With
3 Months of Expert Animation Training!”

I’m offering the entire 3 month training program free of charge, with a donation…

You Get:

  • Daily animation exercises
  • Each day focuses on one of the 12 Principles of Animation
  • Each day also focuses on one of your 4 main Capacities
  • All of these are cycled in repeating order over 3 months
  • This puts you on an upward “Band of Excellence” improving your animation speed and quality!


This offer is now available to anyone. We want to help as many people as possible, so we have made this course available at any price YOU choose.

Click below to donate using PayPal:

This course was sold for $97 in the past, but I trust everyone in the Animation Community to donate a reasonable amount. After all, the money is going to be used to rebuild the Community and keep it running free for everyone else.

Please tell your friends about this offer, and join the program together!

If you still have questions about what the Guardian Training Program is, check out the Guardian FAQ.

Thanks, and I look forward to taking you through The Guardian Training Program.

DJ Nicke